As an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner, A Wiley Brand, Success Seminars is enabled to set-up individuals (independently, or as part of an organization) to become sub-accounts with Success Seminars Institute and use Inscape Everything DiSC: A Wiley Brand online and/or paper products.

The Success Seminars Institute sub-account administrator can:

  • Can issue access codes to allow their clients and/or employees to respond to Inscape's online products
  • Arrange to have the completed online reports sent directly to the Administrator and he/she can print out the reports and schedule meetings with those who have responded
  • Have the option of sending access codes whenever and to whomever they wish to do so Know immediately when someone has responded to a profile online (and also will know when they need to follow-up with someone)
  • Receive special pricing as a sub-account with Success Seminars Institute
  • For more information, contact me as below




Hayes Ratledge, President & CEO
608 Stage Coach Ct, Greensboro, NC 27409
Tel 336-292-6908 FAX 866-855-6567