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Ways To Build Memory Skills

___The purpose of the workshop is to present practical, easily applied techniques that will assist in day-to-day efforts to recall essential data and remember names and faces.
It's a practical workshop that will help one learn to expand one's memory abilities more than one would think was possible. It is for those who are tired of forgetting.


· Anyone involved in business and professional pursuits
· Anyone involved in industrial work
· Anyone who is unemployed, retired or stays at home
· Students, Teachers
· The Clergy
· Anyone who wants to develop or improve his memory skills


· Ways to remember names and faces
· How to take full advantage of one's natural memory
· Gain increased self-confidence
· Learn practical memory exercises
· Learn systems used by experts


Workshop leader:     

Hayes Ratledge
Length of workshop: 2 1/2 hours
Number of participants: 12 up
Room set-up: Movable tables and chairs
Audio/visual: Flip chart; PowerPoint Projector & screen

For your organization to schedule a workshop/s contact:

Hayes Ratledge, President & CEO
608 Stage Coach Ct, Greensboro, NC 27409
Tel 336-292-6908 FAX 866-855-6567