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Don't Have a Good Day.....

Make it One!

Don't "Have a Good Day, Make it One" is a highly interactive program designed to give participants the skills to discover their own unique traits and qualities.

By recognizing and affirming their own uniqueness, participants develop more power to make their days good ones.

Benefits of Attending
  • Participate in positive environment
  • Realize the miracles of people
  • Develop greater awareness
  • Learn three quick & simple ways to keep your day going great
  • Practice the "Three V's"
Flexible Options
      • Lunch and Learn
      • Staff Development Day
      • Sales meetings
      • Motivational programs
      • Group warm-ups
This program is designed for those situations where a short, mini--session is desired due to time constraints or room setup not being suitable for an interactive "workshop".


Hayes Ratledge

Length of program:

Audio visual

45 - 60 minutes

PowerPoint Projector & screen


For your organization to schedule a workshop/s contact:

Hayes Ratledge, President & CEP
608 Stage Coach Ct, Greensboro, NC 27409
Tel 336-292-6908 FAX 866-855-6567