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Self Esteem:

Feel Better About Yourself:
Positive Attitudes/Self-Esteem

We are all operating at only a fraction of our potential. It is not because of lack of skill or ability, but because of our attitudes and self-esteem. This is true in business as well as personal relationships.
This program is a lot of fun. Participants get great positive feedback from other class members and leave feeling really good about themselves.
In a recent program one woman said,
"I can't ever remember being so happy being me".

Benefits of Attending

· Feel what it is like to be a participant in a positive environment
· Realize the miracles of people
· See the positive ways others see us
· Begin developing a sense of greater self-esteem and awareness

Key Topics
  • The Attitude Awareness Exercise
  • Influences of Past, Present, and Future
  • Begin to practice Goal Setting
  • Participating in Communication exercises
  • Developing Positive Affirmations

Positive Attitudes Are As Contagious As the Common Cold!
(But they are a lot more fun!)


Workshop leader:     

Hayes Ratledge
Length of workshop: 2 1/2 hours
Number of participants: 15 up
Room set-up: Movable tables and chairs
Audio/visual: PowerPoint Projector & screen; TV/DVD

For your organization to schedule a workshop/s contact:

Hayes Ratledge, President & CEO
608 Stage Coach Ct, Greensboro, NC 27409
Tel 336-292-6908 FAX 866-855-6567